Just some examples of the areas we cover ...

  • Computer Tuneup – Windows slows down after a while  – Get your speed back – Windows complete cleanup or Refresh; Disk optimisation.
  • Security Audit – Modem & Router settings; Firewalls; Password Management; Storage of sensitive information.
  • Data management – Local vs Cloud; Backups; Encryption.
  • Installing Windows 10? – Lets walkthrough the changes to ease the pain.
  • Want to migrate between Windows and Apple worlds? – We have the plan to help you achieve that.
  • Password Management – Break those bad habits – There are basic guidelines which must be followed to protect your personal information.
    But how to remember all those password? – Use a Password Manager, and never type another username and password into your browser!
  • Anti-Virus, Malware – Do you know whats going on under the covers? Is there a trojan horse in your PC?
  • User Accounts – basic rules about the front door into your computer.
  • Online Banking – Phishing Scams; Managing your Accounts.
  • Online Purchasing – Scams to avoid; Safe use of credit cards; Paypal.
  • Social Media – How to protect your privacy; Facebook 101; Whatsapp, WeChat etc.
  • What can  your Smartphone/Tablet do for YOU today? – Let’s get you confident and underway with what YOU want to do with your phone; We suggest features based on our personal assessment of your needs.
  • Apps? – what are they, how to get them, how to manage their settings; Lets remove what you DON’t want.
  • Telco Plans – Let’s demystify them for you, and recommend how to pick the right one that matches YOUR needs.

All things Apple

Perhaps you have been considering entering the Apple world.

Sure, there are some things to get used to, but generally speaking, its an exciting and fun journey.


Have a chat with us to explore your thoughts and how you might best proceed.

We are planning a series of seminars / webinars to explore all the highways and byways of this journey – watch this space!

Email has changed a lot in recent years. There has been strong movement to cloud-based email, and with very good reason. We can discuss your needs, and make some recommendations. Email setup can be tricky across devices – we can sort that for you.

Is music important in your life? We can advise you on current music streaming options which might be just up your alley.

Music streaming does take some of your download data, but these days, most plans have enough data that you don’t need to worry about streaming your music.

If you have a lot of music stored on your computer disks, we can show you how to get that up into the cloud so you can hear it on any “device”.

And don’t forget Podcasts, Audiobooks, and streaming radio stations, eg the ABC Radio App. Podcasts are a great way to “catch up” on your favourite radio programs when you have time to listen.

How to get all those super 8 spools and 35mm slides onto a DVD for the kids, and their kids, and their kids….?

We can advise on a couple of approaches, and even assist if you wish, or at least teach you how.

Hint: No More Splicing!



Similarly with Audio Cassettes and Vinyl.
(How many of us have cassettes of the kids singing when they were 4?)

With some training, its not too hard to get those old muffled voices on the tape up into a nice clear audio file for posterity.

Thinking of upgrading the Telly and Sound System? Chat with us first for some guidance – we will work through a short checklist with you over the phone.

We have some Buying Guides we can share with you.

Things to consider, apart from budget of course:-

  • Optimal size for your room.
  • Pros and cons of wall mounting.
  • Matching Sound System – lots of options to choose from these days.

Consider a “universal remote control” – one remote to rule them all! They are set up via your computer these days with all the settings stored safely away.

Netflix? Foxtel? Set top boxes, Apple TV … more things to consider. We are spoilt for choice!

While we are waiting for those Windows updates to download, we can
assist you with some more “Basic” household technology :-

  • Fix that leaking tap
  • Replace those loose or “not-catching” doorknobs
  • Free up those sticking doors
  • Change that blown lightbulb
  • Help you with that blocked drain
  • Tighten those wobbly chairs
  • in fact, any of those little niggly things that just don’t get done.

Weather Stations for all the Climatephiles out there.

Senior Geek has one of these 😉

(Senior Geek remembers this phone well!)

They are becoming rarer these days?

Many Internet Service Providers provide a phone as part of their package, often at a nominal cost. Why pay for that expensive Telstra line if we don’t need to?

In the old days, we could leave our homes open with the neighbours kids running in and out all day.

Or even leave the house unlocked all day!

These days, modern video surveillance and even “video door bells”  might be something you need to chat about. (Click the link to see a great example)

What GPS/Sound system would meet my needs? Are you a Grey Nomad and need Hema Maps?

Apple Car Play perhaps?    What “Head Unit” to get?

How to update the Map in my GPS?

Who ya gonna call?

  • Rear facing Camera for the RV? Wireless or wired?
  • How to fit a camera to see your tow ball?
  • Hema 4WD Maps – what device?
  • Tyre Pressure Gauges?
  • Solar setup for the van?
    Anderson plugs; 6B&S or 8B&S; Where should the controller be? etc etc  – we have the answers.
  • Satellite Communicator for peace of mind and in case of emergency,
    or just to let the kids know you’re ok and where you are?
  • Computing on the road – best way to connect to the net.
  • Use your laptop as your TV etc etc.


Drones – which one, what are the new rules?




Metal Detectors – the ins and outs
(Senior Geek has one of these 😉 )

And the list goes on and on ….

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